So your teen needs to move to a residential treatment center. This is good news in that it could help change your child’s life. The possible bad news though is that it is going to cost a sizable amount of money; money which you may not have. But do not despair. There are several options and here are some.

Remember that it is not just the full board which attracts the cost but more the specialist therapy sessions from highly qualified members of staff especially therapists. They do not come cheap. Also be prepared for the Crack Cocaine Withdrawal length of your child’s stay. It may only be necessary for them to live in for a few weeks. But if their troubles are deep-seated and more treatment is required, the stay could run to months.

So here are some ways to cover the cost.

– Credit card
– Personal loan
– Part payment
– Education loan
– Tuition loan

First and foremost contact the facility. It is as much in their interest to help with the financial side of things as it is yours. If you can’t afford it, they do not get the business. Make a point of sorting out the finances before you sign any application on behalf of your teen.

Credit cards could be used but if the rate of interest increases during your child’s stay you will have an extra cost. Some facilities may charge a handling fee. And worst of all, if you cannot make the repayments in full, you will end up paying more, perhaps much more than the original cost.

Personal bank loans are good if you have the equity such as a home. Interest rates are lower with this type of loan and many parents will turn to this form of finance.

Part payment is a sensible option which doesn’t require you borrowing any money. The treatment center may agree to you paying saying a month at a time. Not many parents can afford to outlay the fee in one hit and by doing so in parts means you can manage and the center gets their payment.

You can obtain special loans to do with education. One is a general education loan and the other is more focused and deals only with tuition. The course costs could be divided into tuition and board. You pay the board fees and obtain a loan to cover the therapy and tuition costs.

Finally there are scholarships and sponsors who make funds available for students needing special care and attention. You could explore these possibilities because [a] your child is in a needy situation and [b] they are gifts.

We should not forget though that there are insurance policies which provide for this very condition and they are another form of financial help. Just be aware that your child is not being kept in the facility only to be sent home once the insurance runs out.


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