Yantra and Mantra

Yantra in Sanskrit denotes a chant that will help you awaken energy by placing it anywhere in your nearby environment. Yantras tend to purify the environment and fill the atmosphere with positive energy. Yantras help our prayers reach the respective deities faster.

What is a Yantra?

This word actually means “Loom, “Instrument or Machine.” It is an interlocking matrix of geometric figures. Yantra is drawn in two dimensions and is supposed to represent a three dimensional sacred object. In short, a Yantra is a meditation tool.

A Yantra acts as a productive device for scrutiny, focus and reflection. This help us in focusing larger amounts of awareness.Yantras helps us to intensify our prayers and make our thoughts strong and influential.

Most of us cannot pronounce the mantras properly. This is when its come to our rescue. Yantras act as a strong alternative when we are unable to chant the mantras with correct pronunciation.

What is a Mantra?

Everything around us is made of energy. Mantras are sacred sounds or vibrations that help in bringing about positivity in our lives. Mantras carry the power of changing challenges into great opportunities.

Relation Between Yantra and Mantra

When a Yantra is worshipped properly with its co-ordinating mantras, it can fill your environment with positive energy and fulfill your desires and wishes. Yantra is a form and Mantra is the consciousness, the mind, spirit and the name of the deity. The energy in this is invoked by way of Mantras and Yantra starts showing its effect.

Types of Yantras

There are different types of Yantras and the mantras also change according to the Yantras. There are four basic types of Yantras:

• Yantras of deities: This type of Yantra is the most significant as they are known as the Shakta Yantras or the forms of the Great Mother or the Mahavidyas. In other words, these are known as the sources of supreme knowledge

• Yantras with Astrological significance: These are used to harness the energies of the nine major planets of our horoscope.

• Architectural Yantras: These are used to evaluate the ground plans of temples

• Numerical Yantras: These comprise of a select combination of numbers which serve as talismans or charms.
Yantras, not only fulfil their fundamental ayurveda course in rishikesh purpose but also help you prosper in your career along with good health, wealth, happiness and success. These are etched in metals like silver and gold, copper and Bhojpatra which are cheaper than gemstones but are as effective as gemstones.

If they are used with proper mantras, they bring around immense positivity in your life.

Yantra Rituals

No matter which Yantra you purchase, the ritual that you need to follow is the same. However, please note that the Mantra for this will change and the Mantras need to be chanted as per the specification by the astrologer.

The ritual for performing a Yantra pooja is as follows:

• Before using the this, make sure that you purify your body and start the ritual with a positive mind.
• Start the ritual by finding a place on the floor facing the east and which is undisturbed
• You can start the ritual by lighting the incense stick and diya or lamp
• Place fresh flowers and fruits on the altar
• Place the yantra near the idol or image of your deity
• Take a leaf from any tree and sprinkle some water on yourself and then on the yantra
• Concentrate and start chanting the mantra 21 times
• Close your eyes while chanting the mantra and pray to the deity. Ask the deity to bless you with all your unfulfilled desires.

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