Alcohol detox is for you if you consider that you are having problems with alcohol. What is alcohol detox and what does it involve? Alcohol detox is the withdrawal process which is done in a controlled way, unlike that of “Cold Turkey”. You are going to notice certain signs if you have an alcohol problem. A few simple questions will tell you whether or not you have an alcohol problem. How quickly do you drink, is it very fast? When you are down do you take a drink feel better? Do you often drink on your own? Is the level of your alcohol consumption increasing? When you have been drinking have you ever had memory loss? Do you find yourself having to hide your alcohol problem from your family and friends? Are there concerns that your family and friends have about your drinking habits?

If you have answered yes to more than three or four of these questions you have no choice but to consider alcoholic detox. You should contact your physician at this stage. You have to tell your physician the truth because they are in a position to be able to give you the best support. You must explain everything about your drinking habits. Please never attempt Alcohol Detox before your physician has been consulted.

In alcohol detox, what choices do you have? Again you will have to ask yourself a few questions. As you been drinking been going on for a long time? How would you describe your fitness level? What kind of alcohol or you consuming and what is your level of consumption? How old are you? Do you abuse other drugs? Answers to this questions will determine whether you need to attend an alcohol detox center either as an outpatient or inpatient. This is going to tell you about what the possibilities are for detox from alcohol at home. Your health is the only concern here.


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