It is not uncommon for both highly competent construction workers, roofers, and yes even Plumber Narellan to travel to locations where there is plenty of work. If they can’t sign on with a local firm they will often start their own ‘local’ business. They may rent a storefront, gain a local number (usually cell phone), and advertise heavily and with great marketing savvy. In the end there will be individuals who may believe that simply because they keep seeing the business name in the paper that they must be a reputable local firm.

These individuals may be able to bid jobs for less simply because they have less overhead, buying only what is needed to complete a job and then moving on when work slows down too much. The truth is some of these skilled laborers do a fantastic job and leave their customers very satisfied with the job they provided. However, there may be more to it than that.

The Trouble With Plumbing Shifters

There are really two primary problems with plumbers who set up temporary shop.

1) Because they are not truly local plumbers they may not take the time to become licensed as a local plumber. The work can still be high quality, but in an inspection the work might need to be redone by a licensed local plumber.

2) There may be no service after the sale. If a problem does arise from the use of a transient plumber you may find it necessary to hire a better-known plumber to fix the issue (essentially paying twice for the same service).

Because these individuals move based on available work they cannot provide the expectation of service after the sale although it is often implied,

How to Avoid a Shifter

Always ask for proof of a local license. Some out of town plumbers may attempt to circumvent this issue by trying to work with another plumbing company in order to give the appearance of a local business.

Do not allow any work to go forward without the local license. The plumber may promise to bring it when they come back to do the work. You should politely, but firmly let them know the work cannot begin without the local license. Don’t be surprised if they smile and assure you that they will be right back with the license. However, in most cases you will never see or hear from the plumber again. They may, in fact, change their phone number or leave town when they discover more questions than they feel comfortable answering.



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