Cleansing & Detoxifying your body is essential to your overall health & well-being. Studies show we naturally absorb toxins in our daily lives through food, water and air. We can even eat healthy, and this is important, but we still are in contact with toxins that can affect our health. Do you know that many of our health problems are caused by these Toxins? We carry around these unwanted poisons and excess waste without sometimes realizing it.

The great news is that a proper Body Cleanse & Detox can effectively remove these toxins and get you back on track towards good health.

But what if you simply don’t have time to do a Cleanse? What if your life is already too busy and an added cleanse is just too much to handle? Well, you can relax because there are simple & easy ways to effectively do a Body Cleanse & Detox.

There are many types of cleanses. Fortunately there are a few great ways for you to cleanse in an easy way. Let’s look at three of the easiest methods –

1. Natural Herbal Cleansing Kit – This is the easiest way to cleanse! If you are limited with time and still want to experience the amazing effects of a cleanse than this is the way to go. Basically with an herbal cleansing kit you are taking herbal pills during the day to help you cleanse. The only big requirement is – 1) Remember taking the pills 2) Drink lots of water 3) Watch what you eat. Watching what you eat takes the most discipline although wholebodyvibration it is not very difficult as you are allowed a pretty good food choice. Basically avoiding junk foods and eating natural foods is the rule.

There are two type of Herbal Cleanses –

a) Long Term Cleansing (30-60 day) – These are very effective as you are taking time to get the herbal cleansing agents to do their proper work. If you can take cleansing pills for 30-60 days, and follow a few food rules, this is an easy-to-do and great way to cleanse.

b) Short Term Cleansing (7-14 days) – These are usually called “Quick Cleanses” but are still very effective and very convenient. There are many kits that you can purchase at the Natural Foods Store & online. This can be used if you are limited on time, but still want to try out a cleanse. Have some more focus and already eat healthy? Try one of these “quick cleanses” with a food cleanse (see method 3 below)

2. Food & Juice Cleanse – This is a close runner up to the Herbal Cleansing Kit as it is fairly easy to do, in particular if you already are familiar with healthy eating. You do not have to starve with a food cleanse. The key is in what foods you eat and what foods you don’t eat. This cleanse can last usually from 14-60 days depending upon your focus and goal. This type of cleanse can be very good if you also want to lose some weight. Combining this cleanse with a partial or intermittent juice fast is also very effective.

The key to this type of Food Cleansing is – 1) Eat Organic & Natural Foods only. 2) Avoid Foods & Drink with Refined Sugar, Refined Oil, Preservatives or Chemical Additives 3) Eat lots of Organic Veggies and Fruit – these contain most of the cleansing properties. 4) Drink lots of Water & Juice. If you need some help spend some time researching this type of diet.

3. The Great Combo – This has been my favorite as it works very well. It takes a bit more focus than just the first two methods because it combines them together to make the “great combo”.


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