If you are looking to purchase a wheel loader that will work both profitably and reliably in a harsh work environment, you will need a machine that is powerful, durable, and economical, but that can also be used with ease and in comfort. Whether you are using a wheel loader for load and carry work, in building and construction, for earth moving, quarrying work or in agriculture, it will be vital that your machine is able to work productively for long periods of time.

Therefore, exceptional durability and reliability are essential qualities in a wheel loader. You will most likely need your machine to run all day in a demanding production Spare parts for construction equipment environment, and so you will want a loader that requires minimal maintenance and is capable of working long hours, day after day. In this case, you should look for a machine that has a world-class engine and transmission, produced by a major manufacturer known for its reliability. A number of international construction equipment manufacturers have partnerships with established, well-known engine and transmission makers, and so if you are seeking a machine that you can rely on to run and run, it makes sense to choose one that is powered by the best.

Alongside of this, it is important to have a machine that is easy and straightforward to maintain. Look for a wheel loader that is designed and manufactured to provide easy engine access, and has conveniently placed key components and fluid refill points. In addition, a wet disc braking system and wet disc axles are an extremely good choice in this respect, as they require virtually no maintenance. A reversible cooling fan will also make cleaning easier, and all of this will combine to provide longer service life, meaning that your loader can work uninterrupted for longer periods of time.

There may be, however, times when all does not go according to plan and your machine is not working as effectively as it might. In this situation, you need efficient back-up support and a rapid supply of parts. Downtime is time when your loader is not working for you, and so you should ensure that you purchase your machine from a supplier who is known to provide outstanding levels of service, support and maintenance, and who can get parts to you straight away, no matter where you are working. Dealers who work in close partnership with the manufacturer are generally the ones who will be able to provide the most effective back-up support and after-sales service, and are usually the most reliable and most efficient suppliers of spare parts.

For increased productivity, lift capability is crucial to a wheel loader’s operational effectiveness. It is important to consider a machine’s height and reach, as well as its stability, speed and tipping load. In addition, an automatic boom height kickout control will greatly increase efficiency when performing repetitive loading tasks. A high-performance wheel loader will also have a high breakout force, which means that heavy lifting can be undertaken with consistent force throughout the lift cycle, while a higher dump height will also increase efficiency.

A hard-working machine should also be a profitable machine, and a wheel loader’s efficiency and reliability can be crucial to your overall operating profitability. Therefore, fuel efficiency is very important. A fully automatic power shift transmission will ensure that your wheel loader is operating at maximum efficiency at all times. You need a transmission that responds immediately, even at the lowest engine speeds, has smooth shifting, and automatic lock-up and kick-down. However, you also need an engine and transmission combination that doesn’t sacrifice power for efficiency, and so you need a torque converter that matches the engine efficiently, in order for the engine to deliver full power even at low revs.

As your wheel loader will no doubt put in some long, hard days, operator comfort is at a premium. An adjustable steering column and seat are vital, as is total all-round visibility from the cab, as it is particularly important for the operator to be able to view the bucket at all times. The cab should be equipped with both FOPS and ROPS, and a rearview camera, so that the operator can work confidently and safely. You should also look for a pressurised, noise reduction cab, and one that has sufficient leg room and storage space, and a powerful air conditioning system, so the machine can be operated in comfort even in extreme weather conditions.


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