Tripoli is a worldly famous tourist’s destination due to its ancient Greek and Roman ruins, and attractive Sahara Deserts. The great city has continued to be one of the best classical sites on the Mediterranean. Due to ever increasing number of flights to Tripoli tourism has now become a well established industry in Libya, contributing to 1% of GDP. The historical sites of Libya are so important that five sites of the country are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites three of which are classical ruins. The sites of interest there include;

Jamahiriya Museum: This is one of the most visited tourist sites at Tripoli. Visitors taking flights to Tripoli from UK prefer to visit this site. They reserve their flights with some reliable travel company such body art paint  as flights to Tripoli The museum is beautifully nestled in a castle. You may take a camera with you to take some good pictures of the museum. One taking Tripoli flights may view a spectacular collection of some of the countless archaeological artifacts from the Neolithic period to the present times like; marble and stone statues and busts, pottery, oil lamps, mosaic panels, coins, columns, grave covers, tombs, glass, funerary monuments, fossilized and stuffed animals, dinosaur bones, color photos of the various archaeological sites, and a model of the Red Castle itself. By 1930s, it was named as the Classical Museum in reference to the classical Greco-Roman period.

Red Castle (Assai al-Hamra): It is an ancient is an exceptionally beautiful castle at Tripoli also called the Tripoli Castle or White Bride of Mediterranean city, constructed during earlier Roman period. It is a large castle located in an area of about 13,000 square meters. This castle is housing a few other sites within it to attract cheap flights to Tripoli Libya like; The National Department of Antiquities and several other museums. The architectural base of this castle has made this citadel one of the most significant strongholds of all times.

Gurgi Mosque: This mosque is located in the heart of city called Medina as part of a complex of historic buildings. It was built in 1834 by Mustafa Gurgi. The most attractive feature of its building visitors taking flights to Tripoli admire is its happy floral decorations, especially on the minbar. Although the mosque is quite small in size, but still has much attraction for tourists. You should reserve your cheap flights to Tripoli Libya from UK.


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