With standard car side-view mirrors Drivers cannot merge on to motorways, or change lanes safely. That’s why CIPA produced the Universal Mirror which is reversible and fits either the right or left sides. The universal base fits most vehicles using existing holes. Mirror face is 6 12″ x 3 5/8″, Part Number CIP12000.

To quote the European Directive:

“Blind spot” when vehicles are changing direction at crossings, junctions or roundabouts. When larger vehicles such as trucks or buses are involved, these accidents often lead to serious injuries or even deaths. Affecting road users like pedestrians, cyclists or drivers of smaller motor-cycles.

The UK Government have run regular campaigns on vulnerable road users. But has done little about checking the correct mirrors have been installed.

US and UK governments have left the car industry to tesla side mirror change when it suits them. Regardless of the safety reasons and is there any retro-fit programmes being requested by law.

The Car industry, don’t want to do a big programme and upset their customers. That leaves them to sell the idea as correcting the fault with the new models having the new types of side mirrors.

Owners of old cars don’t want to change their cars or spend any more money on them fitting the new side mirrors. Therefore this article promotes awareness and tries to save lives.

Collectors of old cars may be against any changes which affect the look of their cars! Promoting the new side mirrors that overcome the blind spot will help save lives.

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