In Diablo II: Resurrected (D2R), the language of items is a complex system of prefixes and suffixes that provide additional properties and attributes to your gear. Understanding this language is essential for maximizing your character’s potential and making informed decisions about the equipment you use. In this guide, we will delve into the art of decoding prefixes and suffixes in D2R.

Prefixes and Suffixes Defined

In D2R, items often come with prefixes and suffixes, which are modifiers that add extra stats or properties to the item. These modifiers can vary from enhancing damage to increasing resistances, and they play a crucial role in determining the usefulness of your gear.

Affix Level

Each prefix and suffix has a specific affix level, which D2r Items defines the range of possible values for that modifier. The higher the affix level, the better the possible stats. Understanding the affix levels is vital for identifying valuable items.

Magic Items

Magic items are the most common type of items with prefixes and suffixes. These modifiers can turn a basic item into a valuable piece of equipment. Learning to recognize and appreciate the impact of these modifiers is essential for improving your character’s power.

Rare and Crafted Items

Rare and crafted items in D2R can have multiple prefixes and suffixes, making them highly customizable. Understanding which combinations are most beneficial for your character build is crucial.

Set and Unique Items

Set and unique items often come with fixed affixes that are designed to complement the item’s theme or purpose. These modifiers are predetermined and cannot be changed.

Socketing and Runewords

Socketed items are ideal for customization through the addition of runes and gems. These socketed items can provide additional opportunities for affix modifiers, making them versatile and valuable.

Crafting and Enchanting

Crafting and enchanting in D2R can add or change affixes on your items. Understanding the crafting process and the potential outcomes is crucial for creating specialized gear.

Trade and Market Value

Recognizing valuable affixes is essential when trading items with other players. Some affixes are highly sought after and can significantly increase the value of your gear.


Decoding prefixes and suffixes in D2R is like learning a language of power. By understanding affix levels, recognizing valuable modifiers, and using this knowledge to enhance your gear, you can empower your character to face the challenges of Sanctuary. So, embrace the language of items, unlock their potential, and master the art of affix modifiers in Diablo II: Resurrected.

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