Who likes bad looking photos? If you have taken a photo that you feel to be bad you don’t have to worry as you can easily edit and give it a perfect look. To help you out here are some of the tips that you should put into consideration when doing the editing:


Does your photo look like it was taken by a drunk person? You should straighten it using the ruler tool. One of the best programs to use is Photoshop. You should click and hold the eyedropper tool and select the ruler tool from the drop-down menu.

Lightening the Image

You should remove the sad underexposure on the photo by adjusting the virtual staging contrast. If you are using Photoshop software you can easily adjust the contrast by using the levels adjustment tool. Using the tool you can easily adjust the lights, darks, and mid-tones to give your photo the look that you have always desired.


It’s common for raw photos to have the wrong color. This results when you use unnatural, incandescent lighting when taking the photos. To give your photos a perfect look you should aim at fixing the white balance. One of the best tools to use is the Photoshop’s color balance tool. Using this tool you will be able to reduce any color issue that you might be having. For example, if your photo is yellow you have to increase the blue color.


For ideal results it’s always good that you ensure that your subject is large enough for you to clearly recognize it. You can easily enlarge your subject by cropping.

Mistakes to Avoid When Undertaking Photo Editing

Do you want your photos to be perfect? You should avoid these photo editing mistakes:

Over-cropping: while it’s good to display as much information as possible, you should avoid overdoing it. To ensure that you are cropping the image correctly you should sit down with your client and understand the features that you need to show and the ones that you should leave out.



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