The word perfume was derived from a Latin word ‘per fumum.’ The Latin word means, through smoke. This is how the word perfume was coined. Perfumes were first made in Mesopotamian and Egyptian counties in the ancient times. Later, the Romans and also the Persians developed this art.

Taputti, a chemist from Mesopotamia developed perfumes by distilling flowers and oils. With that she used several aromatics which brought a great aroma. Four thousand years old perfumes have also been found by the archaeologists in Pyrgos.  The ancient people used things like herbs and flowers to make good quality perfumes. The Egyptians used perfumes tom ford lost cherry to prepare mummies in the mixture.

Different perfumes smell differently because it is made from different mixtures. Even if the perfume is made from the same mixture it can be smelled differently if the percentage of the quantity of mixtures mixed is different. This is what we generally call the intensity of a perfume. Some people also call the smell of a high intensity perfume a `hard` smell. Similarly, a perfume which has a low intensity and does not hurt the nose is called a soft perfume.

Generally companies which make perfumes do not like to reveal the concentration in their perfumes. This is something which they like to keep a secret and this is what differentiates one perfume from another. Different things are used from plants, animals and other natural sources to create a unique aroma for perfumes. Some perfume companies also use a few synthetic sources in their perfumes to create an aroma of its own kind.

There are different types of perfumes available in the market.  Perfume, a fragrance, is one of the most expensive types of perfumes. Then you have natural sprays, alcoholic perfumes and several other types of perfumes for different people with different needs.

Light weight glass bottles were used since ancient times to store perfumes. These glass bottles are still used to store perfumes in modern times. The only difference with the ancient glass bottles and the modern glass bottles is in its design. Earlier the glass bottles were of a very simple design but nowadays a lot of stress is also given on the design of the glass bottles which differentiates one company from the other. Sleek, curvy and a delicate design is preferred these days by the perfume companies.

The Greek in ancient times used beautiful containers to carry their perfume, and precious stones were used by the Roman people to store and carry their perfumes. The container in which the perfume is stored is very important. In most of the cases the design of the perfume bottle decides whether that perfume will be purchased or not, irrespective of its fragrance.

Perfumes have gained immense importance in the last few centuries. In ancient times, perfumes were used mainly by the rich people but in modern day almost each and everyone uses perfume so that an amazing aura comes out of his/her body.

The ambience of a place suddenly changes when someone comes in with a perfume on her clothes. The aura brings positive energy and vibes along with its fragrance. Perfumes come in a lot of range and fragrances. It depends on a person to choose his fragrance in the range he likes. For most people, perfume has become a signature statement. Perfumes are always in passion. They never lose demand in the market because everyone loves to have a perfume in his/her wardrobe.


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