As you probably already know, attracting online prospects for your local service business is the way to go. Not only is it the most cost efficient marketing for your local business but also the most effective when done right.

For most service professionals such as lawyers, dentists, roofers, and Plumber Leumeah  there are prospects already using the internet to find providers in their local area. These are the best leads for your business and the ones that will most likely turn into customers first because they are already looking for what you have!

The goal of this article to is give you an overview on how to get these people to call you and become your customers.

The first questions is to ask yourself is where exactly are your prospective clients and customers online? First thing that comes to mind would be the search engines! If someone was looking to find out more information about anything this has become the new standard today.

The next step would be to give your online prospects what they want via the search engines. Lets assume you are a professional roofer and someone searching types in;”how much does a new roof for a townhouse cost?”

As a roofer it would be in your best interest to create a short piece of content answering that question as a professional in that geographical area! So after you have answered that question in the form of an article, video or even audio, the next step would be to spread it to different places on the internet such as article directories, video directories as well as local directories.

Make sure you clearly state the name of your business and contact information when you create this information. What happens next is that Google searches all the pages on the internet and brings the results back to their computers so that when someone searches using those relevant group of words, your information comes back as a result on a Google page.

Because you properly included your contact information some of those searchers that are ready for a plumber will pick up the phone and call you as their trusted service professional!

The same goes for other service professionals as well. Let’s assume you were an attorney and you created some information titled; “Will I automatically go to jail for my first DUI?” This is exactly the content that one of your BEST PROSPECTS will be typing into a search engine so you want to be there to answer such a question as the trusted attorney of choice!


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