Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory!

Sunglasses can serve as the ultimate accessory and nothing can compare to a glamorous pair of sunglasses for giving your look an instant boost. Whether you prefer oversized, retro or rimless, if you make the right choice then you simply won’t want to leave home without them! Your sunglasses will become your favorite “go-to” accessory.

To achieve this, it is well-worth learning some basic guidelines that will help you to find the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape. You’ll save so much time and you’ll feel much more confident when it comes to making that final decision! After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than spending a lot of money on a pair of round sunglasses, only to have that guilt-ridden feeling that you’ve made a mistake and then they just end up gathering dust. The right knowledge about style will help you to navigate these decisions like a pro!

Sunglasses will help you to create a chic look throughout the summer and beyond, but as with any truly successful image, it’s not just “what you wear” but “how you wear it” that counts! There’s no doubt that your sunglasses will always look more stylish when teamed with a healthy splash of inner-confidence and a smile that shines!

Learn how to choose flattering sunglasses with the confidence of a pro!

  • If you have a Round face shape (full cheeks, equal width and length, no defined angles), then this means you should ideally look for angular frames that help you to create definition in your features. If you choose frames that are wider than they are deep (like rectangular frames) you will notice a very flattering effect! You should try to avoid round frames, as they will over-emphasize your rounded features. You can experiment with some oversized styles, but avoid them if they are too round.
  • If you have a Heart shaped face (wide forehead but narrow jaw line and delicate chin), then this means you should ideally look for frames that add width to your cheeks, like Square, the iconic Wayfarer, or Aviators. You can also try Round styles for a classic and sophisticated look! Conversely, you should aim to avoid very large / oversized frames that add too much width to the top of your face.
  • If you have an Oval face shape (nicely balanced proportions, slightly longer than wide, narrower chin than forehead, quite high cheek bones) then you can choose from a great selection of frames! As a general rule, avoid anything that overpowers your features, but try lots of styles and don’t be afraid to experiment! The classic aviator style will never fall out of favor, so be sure to include a few pairs in your selection.
  • If you have a Square face shape (angular with a strong jaw line, broad forehead and square chin), then this means you should ideally look for Oval and Round frames that soften your features. While Round frames offer a fabulous vintage essence, all the top brands have revitalized their look with modern touches. It is advisable to avoid geometric and square styles that add emphasis to your angled features.

You can have a career helping people to make confident style choices!

Although there is so much inspiration to find online, there has also never been a time when we’ve been so spoilt for choice! Perhaps this is all the more reason for us to have an educated knowledge of the styles of clothes and accessories that suit us, as this will enable us to make confidence choices and wise investments when shopping.

A career in Style Coaching means that you can help people to enjoy a fabulous wardrobe and all the feel-good energy it can offer! What you wear can change your life!

Kate Victoria Cutting is the Manager of International Study at the Style Coaching Institute, the world’s fastest growing image training company. She also serves as VP of Member Communications at the International Association of Style Coaches.

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