There is a Greek restaurant at the top of our street, which is perhaps why we had not noticed Irodion before, since it involves a bit more walking. Walking to the restaurant is no problem but it can be a slower walk home if you are full of delicious Greek food!

This restaurant is close the Grote Markt (large market) in Breda. We ventured in and it seemed to be quite busy, which is usually a good sign with restaurants. We were each given a glass of ouzo to begin with and we enjoyed that while we checked the menu. The menus are in Dutch so unless you are very familiar with Greek food names you will need to take a native along with you (like I did!)

The Wine

You can order wine by the glass. The red Imiglykos is delicious and the Retsina is pretty good too. Some Retsinas taste overwhelmingly of pine and not much else but this one was well-balanced.

Looking around us we decided against ordering starter recipes because the main meals seemed to be rather large. I tend to order moussaka when I go to Greek restaurants, purely because I enjoy it and because a lot of the other options seem to be big plates of meat and I do not like to eat too much meat at one time.

The Main Meals

I fancied a change so I opted for the stifado with Greek potatoes Greek food on the side. My partner chose the Rhodoschotel which is lamb chops and Gyros meat underneath. Stifado is a typical Greek stew which can be made with any kind of meat, poultry or seafood but this one was made with veal. Stifado recipes usually feature plenty of pearl onions. The flavor was very good.

The veal was so tender it fell to pieces (which is always great!) The sauce contained cinnamon, garlic, red wine, tomatoes and more. It was perhaps slightly too sweet (too much sugar added to it perhaps) but that was my only complaint. The Greek potatoes were little round potato balls with oil and herbs on. They tasted thawed so I would order fries next time.

The food came quickly. It was hot and well presented and the portions were generous. We found the service in Irodion very professional and friendly.

We both enjoyed our main meals very much. We had a look at the dessert menu but everything was served with vanilla ice cream (something I find so boring!) and there was nothing that looked especially inspiring, so we decided to go elsewhere for dessert.

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