For those seeking a delightful escape without breaking the bank, these budget-friendly Resorts near Mumbai for corporate picnic offer a perfect combination of affordability and comfort. Each destination on this list ensures a pocket-friendly stay without compromising on the quality of experience, catering to travelers on a budget.

  1. Zara’s Resort, Khandala: Tucked away in the serene environs of Khandala, Zara’s Resort offers comfortable accommodations and access to amenities like swimming pools, making it an economical yet enjoyable option.
  2. Crystal County Resort, Virar: This resort near Mumbai provides budget-friendly rooms and facilities including a water park, ideal for families or groups looking for an affordable yet entertaining getaway.
  3. Golden Valley Resort, Thane: Offering a peaceful retreat amidst nature, Golden Valley provides affordable rooms coupled with lush greenery and outdoor activities, ensuring a value-packed experience.
  4. Usha Ascot, Matheran: Situated in the scenic hill station of Matheran, Usha Ascot offers budget-friendly accommodations with easy access to viewpoints and trekking trails, making it ideal for nature enthusiasts.
  5. The Byke Suraj Plaza, Thane: A budget-friendly option in Thane, this hotel provides comfortable stays and easy accessibility to nearby attractions, catering to travelers seeking convenience without splurging.
  6. Pali Beach Resort, Palghar: Perfect for a quick weekend getaway, Pali Beach Resort offers budget-friendly cottages and a range of recreational activities including beach volleyball and bonfire nights.
  7. MTDC Resort, Karla: Managed by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, this resort near Mumbai provides economical accommodations amidst nature’s tranquility, perfect for budget-conscious travelers.
  8. Hotel Sai Sahavas, Shirdi: Located in the spiritual town of Shirdi, this budget-friendly hotel offers comfortable rooms and easy access to Sai Baba Temple, catering to pilgrims and travelers alike.
  9. Manori Resort, Malad: Situated in the serene village of Manori, this resort offers budget-friendly stays and a serene beachfront location, perfect for a peaceful yet affordable escape.
  10. Shanti Sagar Resort & Water Park, Ambernath: Ideal for families and groups, this budget-friendly resort features a water park and basic yet comfortable accommodations, providing a fun-filled and affordable retreat.

These resorts near Mumbai prove that a delightful getaway doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag, offering economical yet enjoyable stays for travelers looking to explore and unwind without straining their budget.

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