Would it make sense to buy an old automatic tunnel carwash in 2012? What if you were to convert it into an all-hand wash? Well, I would say that might be a very decent strategy, especially if you could buy a carwash now with the prices are low, and the real estate cheap. There are of course other benefits we should discuss if this is something you are thinking about.

There are three points I’d like to make in this article, three things that I’d like you to think on, and why I believe this might be a wise decision; you see, for 27-years before retirement I was in the car wash business, and after retirement I traveled to every single city in the United States by motor coach. The carwashes that were the busiest were always the Carwash subscription which washed all the cars by hand. Now then for the three topics I’d like to discuss;

1.-Hiring Labor
2.-Recycling the Steel
3.-Have Long Lines of Cars

Right now, it might be very easy to convince a city to give you the permits to open a carwash, especially if you are to buy a used carwash that looks blighted, and you’re going to hire lots of people. After all, it’s all about our unemployment numbers right now. And hand carwashes need lots of labor because they don’t have the benefits of the robotic tunnel equipment to wash the cars automatically. You will be an instant hero in your city, and the planning commission ought to approve your permits for the retrofit, upgrade, and your new business on a fast track.

Next, you can pull out all the old equipment and recycle the steel. The money that you get from recycling the Steel can help with a new paint job, signage, and making the facility back in ship shape, with everything looking pretty. This will attract customers, and if you put in new landscaping the city will be extremely happy that you came to town and retrofitted that old location. They might even offer you an award and resolution for your entrepreneurship.

Finally, customers love to hand carwashes, and many are fearful of the automatic equipment which they believe might scratch their car. In fact some of the old equipment actually does, although the latest new robotic carwash systems are not so bad, it’s just that old stigma still seems to apply in the consumer’s mind. Because your clientele will love the hand wash, you will always have long lines, and good cash flow. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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