Introduction to Cloud Chasing

For those looking to take their vaping experience to the next level, cloud chasing is the ultimate pursuit. This comprehensive guide will delve into the world of cloud chasing, teaching you the techniques, tools, and safety considerations needed to create awe-inspiring vapor clouds that are sure to impress.

What Is Cloud Chasing?

Gain a clear understanding of what cloud chasing is, its history, and why it has become a popular subculture within the vaping community.

The Role of Vape Mods

Explore how iget vape mods play a pivotal role in cloud chasing, providing the power and versatility needed to produce massive vapor clouds.

Selecting the Right Vape Device

Discover the ideal vaping devices and atomizers for cloud chasing, including factors like coil resistance, wattage, and airflow control.

Vape Juice for Cloud Chasing

Understand the significance of choosing the right e-liquids with high vegetable glycerin (VG) content to maximize cloud production.

Mastering Inhalation Techniques

Learn the various inhaling techniques, such as direct-to-lung and breath control, to optimize vapor cloud production.

Coil Building

Delve into the art of coil building, including coil types, materials, and how to construct your own coils to achieve the desired results.

Wicking Methods

Explore different wicking materials and techniques, such as cotton and mesh, to ensure efficient e-liquid delivery to the coils.

Safety in Cloud Chasing

Understand the importance of safety in cloud chasing, from battery safety to proper maintenance of your vaping device.

Tricks and Techniques

Uncover an array of impressive cloud chasing tricks and techniques, from the classic “dragon” to intricate “tornado” and “jellyfish” tricks.

Competitive Cloud Chasing

Learn about cloud chasing competitions, their rules, and how to participate and showcase your cloud chasing skills on a competitive level.

Vape Etiquette

Discover the do’s and don’ts of cloud chasing in public spaces, respecting the preferences and comfort of those around you.

Advanced Cloud Chasing

Explore the world of advanced cloud chasing, including multiple coil setups, exotic wires, and customizations for experienced cloud chasers.

Building a Cloud Chaser Community

Connect with fellow cloud chasers through online forums, local events, and social media groups to share knowledge and experiences.


Cloud chasing is an art that combines science, skill, and a passion for vaping. By mastering the techniques, tools, and safety measures outlined in this guide, you can elevate your vaping experience to create astounding vapor clouds that will leave a lasting impression and connect with a vibrant community of cloud chasers who share your enthusiasm.

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