As you get ready to enjoy your coffee, has your favorite coffee cup already affected the taste? Many coffee drinkers don’t give a passing thought to what is holding the coffee, only caring about the coffee itself. In what follows you will find some tips to make certain that every cup of coffee will be as good as possible, helping you to have the best coffee drinking experience that you can.

Porcelain mugs are necessary- These mugs are the top of the line for getting the best tasting reusable coffee cup possible. Since porcelain is nonporous, it retains the heat longer, preserving the flavor of the coffee. Being reusable, these mugs have the additional advantage of being environmentally friendly. They are easily found in most stores and the thrift stores usually carry them for mere pennies.

Stay away from plastic, paper, and Styrofoam cups- The materials from which these cups are made can add their own flavor to your coffee, thereby affecting the taste. Although you may not at first recognize it, these cups will, over time, be detrimental to the flavor of your coffee. And what is worse, there has been discussion regarding whether or not these cups actually release toxic ingredients into the coffee, caused by the heat of the liquid as it remains in the cup.

Regularly wash out your coffee cup- We have all seen those rings around the coffee cup that appear if it is not washed regularly, but they may also affect the taste of the coffee. There are oils in the coffee which may stick to the sides of your coffee cup and then may be released into future refills. To avoid this happening, be certain to wash out your mug daily, using hot water and soap. Should you miss a few days and encounter a stubborn coffee stain ring, mix a small amount of vinegar with warm water and leave it in the cup about an hour. Rinse out the cup and then use warm soapy water to wash it out. That should take care of the ring and your flavor will have returned.

The stainless steel travel mug- Like porcelain, stainless steel is nonporous and retains heat very well so they are the best mugs to use when traveling. Although porcelain is still the best, stainless steel mugs also do not impede the flavor of freshly brewed coffee. Further, these do require rinsing before their first use to avoid a metallic taste.

Regarding the question of coffee cups being able to affect the taste of your coffee, it can only be answered by your own taste buds. Some people are more discerning than others and then there are those who cannot detect any difference at all. But if it is the most genuine flavor available that you are seeking, give some of these tips a go to if there is a difference which you can determine.

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